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The Hatfield family’s story

Neal Hatfield and family have thanked people for their generosity as they battle to recover from the horrors of 22 May 2018.

Neal, his wife Sarah and daughters Kelsey, Isobel, Gracey and Layla remain affected by what they saw in the aftermath of the Ariana Grande concert, but they are fighting back with the help of those who donated to the We Love Manchester Emergency Fund.

The attack happened just as the four girls entered the Manchester Arena foyer, where Neal and Sarah waited to collect them after the show.

Neal said: “We were all injured both physically and mentally by what happened. But I cannot stress how grateful we are for the help we have received. I wish I could shake everyone’s hands. The money has helped get people like us back on our feet and made things easier while our heads were not in the right place.

“We are so grateful not just for the money, but for all the work going on behind the scenes to help people. I don’t think everyone realises how much pressure the emergency services, Manchester City Council, the Fund Trustees and all the volunteers who helped, have been under.

“We still have a long way to go in our recovery and there is not a day goes by when we don’t think about the 22 people who passed away.

“It has been very hard for all involved and for our family there has been many ups and downs, but in a couple of weeks we are going on holiday and this would not have been possible without the Fund. Thanks for all the support you have given my family.”


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Manchester Emergency Fund

Manchester Emergency Fund