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Ginny Davis, writer and performer of a unique theatre production set to take part at Manchester Crown Court, is donating £5 from every ticket sold to the We Love Manchester Emergency Fund.

‘Learned Friends’, which won Best Original Piece at Birminghamfest 2016, sees Ginny starring alongside former Emmerdale actress Sharon Baylis, and Black Mirror’s Michael Bott, in what reviewers have called a ‘lively, intelligent, legal cliff-hanger’.

When it was confirmed the play was coming to Manchester, Ginny was keen to support a local charity and chose the victims of the Arena bomb to be the recipients of her generosity.

The performances will take place on Saturday, June 9 at 12pm, 2.30pm and 5pm. Tickets are priced at £30 and available to buy.

Summing up the play, Ginny said: “It is a drama with a difference. Cast and audience move with the narrative as it unfolds between the jury assembly area and atmospheric Victorian Court Five.

“The story is that prosecution and defence counsel await the verdict in the trial of a high profile football manager.  Each holds a secret. Dramatic revelations threaten friendships, careers and the true course of justice as two women at the top of their game engage in adversarial combat. 

“The verdict is delivered in real time. Cast and crew do not know what it will be until it is announced by the jury foreman. The play is then concluded according to that decision.”

For more information, visit Ginny’s website HERE. 

Thanks for the kind gesture.

Here is a trailer:


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Manchester Emergency Fund

Manchester Emergency Fund