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Equator Design’s story

The creative juices were flowing at Equator Design, based in the Ragged School in the heart of Manchester.

They raised £6,840 for the We Love Manchester Emergency Fund and we’re really grateful for their help. 

Taking inspiration for the theme of Tony Walsh/Longfella’s ‘This Is The Place’ poem, which resonated with so many after the attack, they held a fundraising evening with creative people from across the city, going head to head in ‘pixel battles’ against the backdrop of live graffiti, acoustic sets and DJs.  The night provided an opportunity to purchase all the artwork produced as well as limited edition prints and hand crafted items.

The company raised £6,840 in total – far more than they ever could have expected!

Gary Flynn, Managing Director at Equator Design said: “The terrible events in May stirred the team to use their creative skills to do all they can to help those affected.  The night was a celebration of artistry and the strength of the Mancunian spirit.”


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Manchester Emergency Fund

Manchester Emergency Fund