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Illustrator Myro’s story

An illustrator from north Manchester is hoping to raise £2,200 for the We Love Manchester Emergency Fund by drawing bees on the windows of businesses across the city.

In exchange for the bee artwork, Myro will be asking businesses to donate a minimum of £10 to the fund and she has already had a lot of interest from companies stretching from Bury to Altrincham.

She says 50 businesses signed up to her 22 Bees Project within 12 hours of her contacting people about the idea and she is planning to do the drawing ready for the anniversary of the attack on 22 May.

Myro said: “I was inspired to start this project because I was absolutely heartbroken by the Arena attack, like everyone else in this city. I wanted to do something that didn’t just commemorate the anniversary but celebrated the amazing spirit that came in the aftermath of the bomb as well, and what better way than to cover the city with bees to show we are all still standing together? When I see a bee now I think of community, of spirit, of working together, and I love that we’ll be able to spread that positivity through the city on what is sure to be a difficult day, as well as raising money for a wonderful cause.

“We’d like to get as many businesses and institutions involved as possible – no matter where they are in the Manchester area. So far we have all kinds of places signed up, from cafes and estate agents to schools and an ambulance call centre.”

Myro has set up a twitter account @The22BeesProject and has her own website.

Thanks for a lovely idea and good luck.


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Manchester Emergency Fund

Manchester Emergency Fund