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The We Love Manchester Emergency Fund has allocated £650,000 and selected two organisations to deliver nationwide psychological support groups to help those affected by the Manchester Arena terror attack.

The groups, to take place over the next two years, will involve collective gatherings with health professionals and will give people the opportunity to share their experiences with others, which will hopefully aid their recovery from psychological trauma.

Following a formal process, involving the Fund’s Trustees, a range of organisations currently working with attack survivors and other experts with experience of dealing with disasters, two organisations have been asked to deliver this programme.

The organisations are:

  1. The Greater Manchester Resilience Hub, which was formed by the NHS in the aftermath of the Manchester attack and has since helped thousands of people who were affected
  2. The Manchester Attack Support Group Programme, whose founders have experience of dealing with disasters ranging from Hillsborough in 1989 to helping facilitate the Manchester Arena Memorial meetings in February 2018

Councillor Sue Murphy, We Love Manchester Emergency Fund chair of trustees, said: “The amazing generosity of the public has resulted in the Fund raising more than £21m. This is an incredible amount of money and many people affected by the Manchester Arena attack have already been helped by the allocation of these funds.

“Trustees have aimed to help as many people affected by the attack as possible, which is why we promised to set up support groups across the UK, reflecting the large geographical spread of those who attended the Ariana Grande concert on May 22 2017.

“We are now in a position to announce the formal agreements with two organisations to deliver these groups over the following two years and we are confident those attending will benefit from help to deal with psychological trauma.

“We were one of the first charities of this kind to offer support specifically for those suffering with psychological injury and this latest announcement further shows our commitment to improving the situations of those who suffered trauma in this way.

“Feedback from previous meetings involving those affected by the Arena attack has suggested these gatherings are helpful and this supports evidence from such groups which have been formed following other terror attacks around the world.

“Organisers are in the process of getting in touch with those affected, to explain the programme in further detail and to invite people to get involved.”

Manchester Emergency Fund

Manchester Emergency Fund