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How we can help

The We Love Manchester Emergency Fund is giving money to those affected by the attack on the behalf of the donors who wanted to show their love, support and solidarity. We are releasing the money in stages so we can ensure we are getting it to the right people.

So far the Fund has been concentrating on helping the bereaved families and the physically injured. If you were physically injured in the attack and have suffered financial hardship because you have been unable to work or study – and can provide medical evidence to support this – then you maybe eligible for our hardship fund. If so you can contact the Fund at emergency.fund@manchester.gov.uk. The application process is designed to be fair, simple, quick and unobtrusive and you will be supported along the way.

If you are already in contact with Victim Support they can help you apply for the fund. You can also contact them on 0808 168 9111.


Mental Health Support and Emotional Wellbeing

Manchester Resilience Hub

The NHS has established the Manchester Resilience Hub to offer care and support for everyone affected by the attack. The Hub can offer phone-based advice, support, information and make calls on your behalf if you are struggling to get the help you need.

The Hub is for:

  • Everyone who has been directly affected by the incident
  • Family members who have been affected
  • Professionals who have been affected
  • Professional seeking clinical advice about their service users

You can contact The Hub by phone or email:

Opening times are Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm.


Victim Support

Victim Support are an independent charity that help people affected by crime and traumatic events. They can offer both practical help and emotional support. We have been working closely with them to support people following the attack.

You can contact them on their free support line 0808 16 89 111.



If you have been affected by the Manchester attack you may be eligible for compensation from the UK’s Criminal Injuries Compensation scheme. To find out if you are eligible please contact the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA).

The Manchester Law Society has offered to help people applying for compensation.

Alternatively you can call The BPP Manchester Legal Advice Clinic on 0161 244 6500 or The Personal Support Unit at Manchester Civil Justice Centre on 0161 240 5037 both of whom have offered to assist by completing your application online for you.

Please note criminal injuries compensation is separate from the We Love Manchester Emergency Fund. The Fund is an expression of solidarity and support from the donors and does not replace compensation or affect your right to claim.


Legal Advice

If you have any legal worries following the attack including concerns about long-term health care arrangements, financial obligations/debt, benefits, insurance, family matters or any other legal queries and would like to speak with a lawyer free of charge, you can contact The Manchester Law Society.

Financial Advice

If you have received money from the Fund or your finances have been affected by the attack PwC have offered to provide free help and advice.

Please contact:
Adam J Waller
Office: 0161 245 2757
Email: adam.j.waller@pwc.com


Manchester Emergency Fund

Manchester Emergency Fund